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Social media killed the blog star?

Posted by kayla ehrie

Did social media take off and break the blogger hearts? Have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and all the other social networks done to blogging what video did to radio? Remember the lyrics? “Video killed the radio star.” Have blogger voices and careers been cut short by social media buzz? Is the era of blogging about to pass? We don’t think so. In-fact, we think the opposite.

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Of North Korea, CMS and Creative Firms – Reaching a Mass Online Audience

Posted by ralph hilsman

If you run a business, you need a website. This much is already established. If you’ve already got a site but you aren’t seeing the kind of traffic that you think you’re capable of bringing in, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you’re going to need a serious revamp or a full on do-over. The good news? Acceptance is the first step. Oddly enough, it’s one that an awful lot of business owners come to slowly, if ever at all. But it’s step number two that’s the most crucial of all: deciding who to hire to help you in that process. Make the wrong choice, and you could end up right back where you started. Make the right choice, and it could be a game changer that might propel your business into the stratosphere.

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