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4 steps for your admissions marketing content strategy

Posted by kayla ehrie

What is an admissions marketing content strategy?

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Spotlight on the Whipp process: Rug&Home

Posted by kayla ehrie

Rug&Home is a five-state home furnishings empire boasting hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of rugs, luxury furniture items, accessories, art, and decor.

Its reputation for high-end merchandise at rock bottom prices paired perfectly with its respected clientele ranging from Billy Graham and Gladys Knight to the Biltmore Estate and Hollywood movie sets (George Clooney HIMSELF has enjoyed the luxury of a Rug&Home rug).

But above and beyond anything else, they were best known for an iconic high-pitched, backward-walking blonde in a series of low budget commercials that were as much loathed as they were loved by viewers armed with mute buttons from Tennessee to Georgia and all points in between.

To make matters worse, test after test revealed that audiences thought Rug&Home only sold rugs, even though every one of their stores featured thousands of square feet of furniture and accessories.

So when their sweet young bombshell turned baby mama, Rug&Home turned to us to create something fresh and new that would signal a change without losing the fun, while elevating the brand and showcasing their variety beyond just rugs.

Derek had just recently been introduced to a brother-sister team of filmmakers from Hendersonville (who later moved to Hollywood and have just wrapped working on the Betty White Show) and Chris started stalking them on Facebook. After a few "brainstorming" sessions at Limeleaf Chris and Derek came up with the perfect plan to capitalize on the young artists' talents and sweep in a new era of commercial style for Rug&Home.

Challenge One: Turn down the volume without being boring

Challenge Two: Showcase the variety

Challenge Three: Elevate the brand and give it a personality

To contrast the chains previous vocal spokesgirl, the campaign featured a series of silent movies. Three styles of music were chosen to reflect three kinds of audiences (a happy and poppy charmer, a dramatic vaudeville jaunt, and a fashionista disco funk) and an animated tag was designed to highlight rugs along with the chain's three main locations and online store. The short silent films followed the antics of the brothers and sister through vignettes that showcased the entire scope of all the stores had to offer by allowing them to build entire rooms from start to finish and playfully interact with merchandise in a variety of styles.

We launched the campaign during the Super Bowl to huge success. And the purely visual approach proved to be just as effective if the viewer happened to be muting or fast forwarding as it was in real time. Responses from customers even indicated that they were so intrigued by the scenes that they tended to stop, rewind, and watch the commercials again whenever they spotted them.

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Did you know...Pinterest

Posted by kayla ehrie

Five fun info-graphic facts about Pinterest:

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5 of the Biggest Marketing Failures

Posted by kayla ehrie

Have you ever walked by someone with a really bad tattoo and thought why would they do that? Well in the marketing world, we have witnessed a few things just like that…only these companies were subject to an entire world of judgment, not just a passer-byer on the streets. A round of applause, and a standing ovation are in order, because these companies almost had to plan it to mess up this bad:

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5 types of posts to try on for your business blog

Posted by kayla ehrie

Penny Loafer posts: Keep readers in the loop

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Whipp's Vintage Vanity

Posted by kayla ehrie

Vintage is a style today, not a way of life. People such as myself who enjoy vinyl records enjoy the subtle hum of the needle on the record. It sounds nice when I don’t mind sitting in my living room, hearing 4 or 5 tracks and then turning the record over.

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Of North Korea, CMS and Creative Firms – Reaching a Mass Online Audience

Posted by ralph hilsman

If you run a business, you need a website. This much is already established. If you’ve already got a site but you aren’t seeing the kind of traffic that you think you’re capable of bringing in, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you’re going to need a serious revamp or a full on do-over. The good news? Acceptance is the first step. Oddly enough, it’s one that an awful lot of business owners come to slowly, if ever at all. But it’s step number two that’s the most crucial of all: deciding who to hire to help you in that process. Make the wrong choice, and you could end up right back where you started. Make the right choice, and it could be a game changer that might propel your business into the stratosphere.

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The Value of Novelty

Posted by tim hogan

I came across this ZOLTAR machine in Nashville. I found myself wondering why one dollar seemed like a perfectly reasonable price to pay (because it totally was) for an unreliable fortune delivered by a mechanical puppet from a Tom Hanks movie. Novelty right? Sure, it only does the one thing. But it does it with such style. Still, novelty has a short shelf life. So  ZOLTAR thrives here in this high-traffic town, refilled with fresh faces on a daily basis. But If I were looking for something to rally repeat business in a room full of regulars, i'd try a different tactic altogether, wouldn't I? Maybe ZOLTAR blackjack or ZOLTAR karaoke? Just so long as its ZOLTAR…i really like him. 

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