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5 types of posts to try on for your business blog

Posted by kayla ehrie

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Penny Loafer posts: Keep readers in the loop

These are everyday posts about everyday things related to your company. This kind of blog is like waking up, reading the news, getting coffee, and walking into a marketing world. These blogs will keep your readers (or potential business) in the loop and are important to keep readers following and interested. They should be the most frequent kind of blog your company posts.

Slipper posts: Insightful and interesting reads

These posts show your readers that you are a group of educated thinkers. It’s the kind of post that needs to be done with thinking caps on (or night cap and slippers). If your company is anything like our thinkers at Whipp, we wake up in the middle of the night with our best ideas. It will take time, and a decent amount of insight. These blogs should be done every once in a while.

Perfect Pumps posts: In-depth

A perfect pair of pumps takes a long time to find. They need to be comfortable, easy to walk in, easy on the feet after hours of wear, and the right color and price. A post like a perfect pair of pumps should be a deeply analyzed compilation of information presented in the perfect pigment (you always knew you’re your dream pair of pumps looked like, but hadn’t found it until just now). These take a lot of research.  Because you are investing a lot of time in one post, your company will want to make sure they pick the right topic for these infrequent, but necessary posts.

Cleats posts: Only one side wins

 At a football game, both teams wear cleats, but only one-side wins. Occasionally your company will want to write a post, like an upset football game, that displeases many of your readers. A cleats post, however, should be created with good sportsmanship, a game plan, and no foul play. Sometimes opinions are split in two and your company will have to decide which team to vote for. These posts should stir up a debate, a clean debate, and have a solid reasoning behind them.

Dance shoe posts: Get creative

Dance shoe posts should be a creative rendition for your company to express itself. Dance shoe posts can come in many forms, like dance shoes (break dancing shoes, character shoes, ballet shoes, jazz shoes…). Posts can be creative pictures, simple, but colorful ideas, interesting info-graphics, or videos. The key to dancing is to have fun, so have fun with these posts. For creative companies, these will be the second most common type of post.



Five is a good number. Now that you know the five kinds of posts, don't make these five little mistakes.

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