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Landing Page Optimization-A quick start guide

Posted by kayla ehrie

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First, if your companies call-to-actions are not remarkable, no one will make it to the landing page. Every marketing firm should understand their homepage is not a landing page. A landing page is a form that can’t be navigated away from. Good landing pages are a valuable asset to your business and produce eligible leads. They keep potential leads reading, engaged and on your site. Remember, a landing page should be deciphered in 5 to 6 seconds. If a person or company does not understand the value of the offer in that time, it may not be a functional landing page. So how should you create a perfect landing page?

1- Have a very interesting call to action already created and ready to go. Make the CTA big, and bold, and fun. Possibly give a preview. At the very least, have a picture. The CTA is the landing page’s five minutes of fame. Get creative with it.

2- Be unique, be you. Your CTA and landing page should be a unique expression from your company to its readers. It should be clear and concise, but also fun and exclusively interesting.

3- Create a tagline worthy of praise and explain it (and by explain, we mean tease future leads and old leads enough to make them curious!) A great visual helps do this. You NEED an image on the landing page. After they are initially interested, you should explain why this information is valuable enough to exchange personal information like names, emails, and phone numbers over.

4- Create your header. This could look like “download this really helpful thing now.”  Your header should start with an action word such as “download.” It should be described very similarly as it was on the Call to Action. This will eliminate confusion.

5- You give and you get. Make it clear and easy for the reader to understand what they get in exchange for their information. Don’t underestimate the power of the bullet point on this step.

6- Don’t ask for too much…a long form may not be worth the cost of your offer. Short forms are easy and just enough for your company to get the small amount of information they need. For Example, at Whipp, we only ask 4 or 5 things on our forms. When making a form, make it easy to find and easy to fill out. The newly interested potential lead shouldn’t even need to scroll down to fill it out.

7- Don’t be distracting. The form is all that exists on a landing page. Forget the menu, forget any links. The form is the most important thing! You wouldn’t want them to leave before they filled the form out would you?

8- Thanks, thank you, merci, gracias, and you’ll love this other thing too. After they download your really awesome thing, make sure to thank them. Take the opportunity to introduce them to another really cool thing too. The longer they stay on your site, the more interested they are.


One great landing page is awesome, but several great landing pages are better. Your company wants a variety of pages. This should include a landing page that is only seeking on-lookers who want to join an email list.



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