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Marketers are beautiful and 13% know it

Posted by kayla ehrie

In one of the WORST journalistic travesties to EVER occur in the HISTORY of journalistic travesties, a headline in the latest issue of Advertising Age read Marketers Rate Below Politicians, Bankers on Respectability Scale. Whaaaaaat? I know what you’re thinking. MARKETING people are THE SALT OF THE EARTH. The best people I know. TOP SHELF. I know, I know, I thought the same thing. Well, the article goes on to say ONLY 13% of people, including other marketers (35%!!!), think that marketing benefits society. First of all. 13% of you are brilliant. BUT WHAT ARE THE OTHER 87% OF YOU THINKING?

Benefits society???? OF COURSE marketing benefits society! A world without marketing would be like Guam without coconut rhino beetles. Without marketing, August would just be august. But hello???? AUGUST IS NATIONAL CATFISH MONTH…you're welcome. Besides. Everybody LOVES a good commercial. How would we know what songs to YouTube or what side effects are associated with the prescriptions we want?

And hey. Truth. Without marketers, Play-Doh could never have been a wallpaper cleaner AND a children’s toy. Listerine would never have been a dandruff treatment AAAAND a mouthwash!!! And thanks to those madmen with the BIG corner office? Lysol got to be both birth control AND floor cleaner!!! Now that’s a win folks. Everybody wins. 

NOW MAYBE (just maybe) the birds and the bees are more essential than marketing. But that's it. It's Birds & Bees and then Marketing. And bees sting and birds poop on your freshly washed car so I think you hear marketing knocking, birds and bees…don't get comfortable at number one.

Or at least that's our opinion. We are Whipp. We are the 13%.

Credit Adobe State of Online Advertising PDF Image

Image Credit: Screenshot of Adobe PDF "The State of Online Advertising."

Click here to see Advertising Age's full article "Marketers Rate Below Politicians, Bankers on Respectability Scale" 


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