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Whipp's Favorite Google Search Tricks

Posted by kayla ehrie

Everybody Google searches. Why not do it with ease and a style that makes you look impressive? There are so many tricks and tips for googling. These are just a few we use here at Whipp. Try them out!

1- Free Proxy Cache:

At Whipp, we know you can’t wait to read the next Whipp blog, and you love our Facebook posts. Is your work blocking us, or any of your other favorite social media? If so, one of our favorite Google tricks is to use Google as a free proxy.


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2- Get it right the first time site:

Have you ever wanted a quick way to search a specific site? Say your friend calls you and says he wants to go see this movie this weekend called “Seven Psychopaths.” You have no idea what he is talking about, but you know IMDB will have the answer. Instead of going to IMDB and then searching…when your Google homepage comes up, you can just put it in like this:  seven psychopaths site: imdb

Go ahead, try it out: It’s the first webpage that comes up. Maybe this is why Google created the “I’m feeling’ lucky” button. Go Ahead; get it right the first time.

3-Take something out of your search results (-)

When you think Whipp, (if you don’t know us) normally you think whipped cream. So, you want to search Whipp without the cream? Use the – sign.

Example:  whipp –cream

Now, we are the first site you find on Google.

4-Numbers in a range (..)

Searching for an apartment or furniture? Need to stay within a price range? Use the .. sign between your numbers to stay within your budget while Google shopping.

Example: spartanburg, sc apartment $500..$700

5- Similar Terms (~)

Adding a tilde (~) to a search will pull up comparable terms. For example, if you Google ~help, results with the words help support, tutorial, and guide pop up.



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