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Going to a conference? Take note and give out goodies

Posted by kayla ehrie

During a conference, there are ideas, people, social networks, and business cards flying around every which way. Take note. Remember going to slumber parties as a child? Besides the cake, new toys to play with, and an extra long recess with your friends…you took home a goody bag. You gave a gift, and in return, you got a gift.. The kids who gave out the coolest stuff in their goody bags were the coolest kids in school that week. Conferences may seem overwhelming at times, but remember you are there to take home a goody bag of information. Think of conferences as an adult slumber party. You are there to get all of these gifts of information, tips, and trick…but you are also there to give gifts after. Share, share, share and be the kid with the coolest after-conference goody bag. There are several ways to take note at a conference. If you read our last blog, you know Twitter is a great way to do it. However, if you are not an avid tweeter, or feel you do not belong in the twittershphere, there are other ways to get word out about your conference experience.

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