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Linkedin: new news and what it can do for you

Posted by kayla ehrie

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Not only can LinkedIn help you build, import, keep in touch with, and network your way to new connections as always, because there is soon to be more. Most people think of LinkedIn as a way to put their portfolio online and network. Yes, that’s all true. However, now there are better ways to do this with the same portfolio and networking site we have all come to use. LinkedIn is adding a brand new platform for capturing users' geniuses in a previously unable way: pictures and video.

The latest media-rich profiles are offered for members in English-speaking countries. LinkedIn has also enabled a new “like,” function so that people browsing through your profile can like the new video, photo, design, or project image you just uploaded. Sharing is in the works too.

This means videographers, photographers, designers, and creative people can upload their recent work. It also means creative and non-creative businesses alike can upload blueprints, PowerPoint’s, recent work, and showcase their business in a whole new light online. And other people can like it. LinkedIn just got tech savvy.

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