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Southeastern Products StorePoint 2013

Posted by kayla ehrie

"Can you give us a Sherlock Holmes theme that is bad ass and doesn't require us to dress up in hats and capes?" ...That was what Southeastern Products asked us to do for their presentation for StorePoint 2013, a major industry trade show in Texas.

This is what we gave them.

Southeastern Products, Whipp, Sherlock holmes theme



Turns out the answer is yes.



Sherlock holmes themed invitation, Whipp

This pre-mailer was used to introduce their potential clients to the theme and instituted a sense of mystery and humor. Attached to the card was a Sherlock pin asked to be worn at Storepoint.


Sherlock holmes theme, storepoint, whipp for Southeastern Products

This gift box was handed out at the presentation. It was wrapped in a simple brown paper and twine, concealing a book with a hidden compartment containing a customized magnifying glass, pocket watch, and mysterious landing page address.


Sherlock Homes theme, Whipp, Storepoint, Southeastern Products

Sherlock holmes theme, thank you, storepoint, made by WhippFinally, we put together this post-mailer as a gift to those who attended the presentation. This deerstalker hat was hand-made in Ireland and was shipped with a hand-stamped thank you tag attached.


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