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Oh no, not another bow tie wearing Whipp-intern!

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Jeremy Boeh

Fear not, Whipp Friends, Jeremy Boeh (b-A'y) is bringing something a little different to the world of interns.

Two years ago, Jeremy was laying on a beach sipping an umbrella-garnished drink with a fantastic tan. Ok, not really, but he was stationed in Hawaii with the Army. More accurately, he was coming off his second deployment to Iraq and about to make the transition back into a pseudo-civilian life as a college student/ veteran/ father/ husband/ reservist/ officer candidate….ok, you get the point. He is the coolest person ever (AD-SPACE), but a little background never hurt.

In a whirlwind of military paperwork, college acceptance letters, and packing peanuts, he moved to the upstate with his wife to start the next chapter their lives.

In the Fall of 2011, Jeremy enrolled as a Junior at Wofford College as a history major and ROTC cadet. It was an interesting transition; he went from an Infantry squad leader in Iraq, to a 29-year-old college student. Luckily for him, Wofford accepted him into their amazing community, who now share some of his best experiences and memories.

This Spring, he will complete his diploma requirements, finishing up a long excursion of a decade that was filled with post-secondary education and his time in Iraq. Once he is holding that snazzy diploma, he plans to continue work with the awesome Mungo Center team at Wofford College.

Fast forward to now, enter the Whipp family. He knew little about this lair of innovation, creativity and moxie, cleverly hidden smack dab in the middle of Spartanburg. On the advice of a few mentors, he began an internship here at Whipp for the interim.

“It is a great opportunity to get firsthand experience in the world of advertising and marketing,” he said. “The way that we as humans react to different types of marketing and the experience that it creates fascinates me. I am looking forward to the next few weeks. I have also taken on a personal conquest to defeat the Mei Fun Noodle at the number 5 level! Yea, I take risks, what can I say!”



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