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3 steps to Convert qualified leads to deposits

Posted by kayla ehrie

Turn leads into customers,

With our process, your special offers (CTA’s) and landing pages are tailored to people at all stages of the decision process. This means you can spend your time taking to those who are at the bottom of the decision funnel ready to fill out an application or put down a deposit.

We simply automate the communication with those in the earlier stages of the decision cycle, so you can concentrate on the 20% that will come to your school without abandoning potential new students who aren’t quite ready to jump on board with you just yet. Just because someone filled out the online form does not always mean they are ready to buy. It means they are ready to communicate in some small way.

After they have filled out all the information on your landing page, we engage them. We send emails with updates and information specific to their needs. Engaging is a much different process than bothering. Smothering a new lead is not the best way to go.


1. Understand your goal

The overall goal from an online campaign is to get students. This means that your number one priority should be getting students to visit. Face to face visits will hold more meaning for parents and their children.


2. Nurture, Nurture, Nurture.

Before a lead becomes a customer, they will probably do a few of the following:

-Download a white paper or e-book

-Scope out your blog

-Participate in a free trial

-take time going through your website

Lead nurturing is important. Only 50% of leads are qualified, but not prepared to buy. [Gleanster Research]. This means that figuring out who is in your sales funnel and where they are can be a very important tool.


3. Fashion a memorable experience

This is it. The sale will happen or it won’t! If a lead walks away from an e-mail, e-book, or thank you with wide-eyes and smiling…you have crafted an experience. People don’t want spam. They want something created for them to enjoy. They want to look forward to your emails. They want what you have to offer!



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