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3 Steps on being found for your admission marketing strategy

Posted by kayla ehrie

Be found, 3 steps to being found online

Get Found by the people who count: students and their parents. The online world is filled with tons of prospective students within all age ranges. Considering 95% of college admission offices use at least one form of social media, you are competing against all but 5% of colleges out there.

The good news for you: Whipp’s process ensures that all the right people find your college. We use linking, keywords, and search engine optimization strategies to turn your likes and re-tweets into future graduates. 


Now that you have mastered content creation, it’s time to be found by the people who matter.


1-Keyword strategy

One of the first things we do for a company to help their blog be found is compose a keyword strategy. This includes adding keywords to your blog post titles, focusing on using just a few very specific key phrases throughout the article. For Example, a common key phrase might be your school name, a good key phrase list would also include something like “University located near Spartanburg, SC.”  We use detailed Alt and Meta tags on images, videos, and Calls to Action in order to optimize the number of times your university website is found. This strategy requires blogging trending university topics at the right times. Keywords are also used in and around links in your post as well as throughout your post. While most universities use single words for key search, the best way to strategically place keywords is in small, specific phrases composed for a specific target audience. Our keyword strategy is the first of three steps that will create traffic and leads for your site.


2-Linking strategy

Our linking strategy starts with the basics of linking, the same algorithm Google uses to judge which links are most important (and therefore found more often). Links are like votes and the more credible and shared a link is, the more important it becomes. While many companies believe that buying and selling links are the best bet, anymore paying for link shares will send you straight to linking jail. Significant votes, created by highly shared links, creates a better page because external links are more important to Google than internal links. This means that what others say about you is more important for linking purposes. Therefore, our linking strategy includes tons of tips for becoming a link authority. The more people that link to you, the more likely search engines will consider you important (consider Wikipedia an expert at this). But our linking strategy does not stop there. What a lot of Universities fail to recognize when building a link strategy is the importance of “local,” search (the more relevant and trusted sites that link to you, the better).


3- Search Engine Optimization

Most companies do not realize that they need to be targeting specific kinds of audiences in order to draw attention to precise parts of their company being represented by their blog. For a college to be found by students and their parents, they need to consistently compose content targeted for future students, but also current students. Involvement on a blog from a united student body presents a desirable image, for example. Search Engine Optimization uses local, image, academic, and video search to help your college compete in the search engine world. The closer your college is to the top of a search list, the more traffic and leads your admission office will receive. Search engines reward video, volume of content, and proper syndication. Our very detailed strategy will combine search engines favorite tricks, analytics with your university’s authentic message, and keyword/ link strategies to place you at the top of the search list.




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